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At Melt we take up the culinary values of Texas by smoking all our meats over a
oak wood, at low temperature for long hours.
Our barbecue is generous, warm but above all family-friendly and believe us, you won't risk
to forget it!
Enriched with the teachings of Jeffrey Howard, pitmaster of one of the most famous barbecues in the
Texas (Pecan Lodge) and Alexander Smith, a big name in the barbecue in New York (Mighty Quinn's Surf
BBQ), we were able to perpetuate and above all make the Texan BBQ travel to your taste buds.
In constant search of the best fresh ingredients, we use a cooking method
practiced for generations in the southern United States.
All our meats are exceptional, whether it's our 3 p.m. smoked brisket, our yellow duck from
Gers or our Iberian pig and so on.
Our sauces to accompany these delicious dishes are homemade, as are our
accompaniments, cooked from fresh and seasonal products.


our meats

All our meats are smoked between 2 a.m. and 3 p.m. and will be served to you
portion of 200g or even 500g for the greediest

All our accompaniments are homemade, on site from fresh products and change according to the seasons


For a moment of sharing and conviviality but above all for a moment of sharing and conviviality