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Is it possible to book a table at one of your restaurants?


We do not take bookings at MELT, the 1st come will be the 1st served. However, we offer a solution for groups.
You can book by phone or via our website directly. Reservations from Monday to Thursday can range from 6 to 16 people.

Your party must be present and COMPLETE at the BEGINNING of the service (12 p.m. or 7:30 p.m.).
All reservations are made in the form of a single group formula which will cost you 30€ per person. This formula is presented in the form of tasting trays to share. It includes an assortment of our different smoked meats, seasonal side dishes and desserts. You can go there with your eyes closed, there is no better way to discover and appreciate our cuisine.


How long can we expect to wait for a table?


During the busiest times (weekends), the queue can sometimes seem intimidating. Do not panic ! Our teams are at your service and do their best to install you as soon as possible. Queuing is an integral part of the Slow Smoked Barbecue culture and experience and it's our job to keep you busy and informed while waiting to settle in. Order a drink at the bar or ask our "meat cutters" for advice on how to make your wait more enjoyable. One thing is certain: the juice is worth the squeeze !


How much do you recommend per person?


Go to the counter in one of our restaurants and our teams will be happy to explain our menus in detail and advise you on your order. We do not offer a "combo" or predefined assortments but we always recommend ordering different meats and accompaniments and presenting them in the form of a platter to share. This is the best way to discover our concept and our products!


Is it possible to order take-out?


Would you prefer to taste our products from your sofa? It's possible !
Our entire menu is available for take-out. Simply specify it at the counter when ordering. If you see the room filling up and customers waiting for tables to be free to place an order, don't hesitate to go directly to the counter and let us know that it's a take-out order.


Do you offer a home delivery service?


Want a good MELT without having to move? It is also possible!
Although we do not offer an in-house delivery service, our menus (slightly reduced offer) are also available on the UBER EATS app.


Do you offer vegetarian options?


A vegetarian in the gang? Do not panic ! At MELT, we also smoke vegetables. Almost all of our side dishes and some of our specials (see menu) are vegetarian. "Magic Mushroom", "Fried Brussel Sprouts" or even "Roasted sweet potato", an assortment of these options will delight the less carnivorous among you.


What are the gluten-free options on the menu?


Our entire menu is gluten-free with the exception of cornbread, buns and some of our seasonal side dishes. Do not hesitate to ask at the counter during your next visit.


Is there an event service at Melt?


Absolutely ! And we already count (very proudly) among our customers: LE FOODING, MY LITTLE PARIS, JAMESON WHISKEY, COCA COLA, RICARD, POTEL ET CHABOT, FNAC... but also many individuals. Company evening, festival, wedding, privatization... everything is possible! All you have to do is send us your request to and we will be happy to design and create the event of your dreams together.

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